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Accessible World LLC
Accessible World LLC
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Sara Sprick
Sara Sprick
I used a company under this organization called Seattle Accessible Transportation. I have used this great service at least twice and both have been excellent experience. The driver was wonderful. I was returning from the hospital and the first trip I was sleep deprived and not very talkative, I was treated with respect and given opportunities to talk however it never felt forced or pushed onto me. My second trip I was more alert and definitely more chatty. The driver was once again wonderful and very attentive and accommodating while still making me who has car anxiety comfortable and safe. It was door to door service that both times helped bring my scary hospital trip to a much better ending and thus allowing me to continue on with my day. Thank you to the wonderful people who provide this service! Highly recommend.
Jared H-M
Jared H-M
Always on time! Goes out of the way for my needs, was mindful of the pain I was in after surgery 🤕. So many other conpanies just wanna ship you around like you're a package or something but these guys are personable and fair priced I will use again for all my transportation needs.
Imani GG
Imani GG
Very reliable NEMT. George and the team are very professional, friendly and also so compassionate.

Our Clients & Partners

Accessible World LLC bridges the gap between our clients and the organizations that provide them with medical services. We have partnered with these organizations to provide a vital service that helps people get the medical care they need. Below are a few categories of our clients and partners.

Private Citizens

We cater to individuals with mobility challenges who need safe and accessible transportation options for their personal journeys, whether it’s medical appointments, social outings, or other daily activities.


Accessible World collaborates with hospitals to transport patients with specialized needs, ensuring they receive the care and attention required during transit.

Medical Offices

Medical professionals and healthcare facilities trust Accessible World to transport patients with care and accessibility, ensuring they reach their appointments on time and comfortably.

Chemotherapy Clinics

We collaborate with chemotherapy clinics to provide transportation to and from chemotherapy appointments for cancer patients.

Dialysis Centers

We provide transportation to and from dialysis centres for patients who need regular dialysis treatments.

Outpatient Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy Centres

We provide transportation to and from outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy appointments.

Nursing Homes

Nursing home residents rely on Accessible World for safe and accessible transportation to medical appointments, therapy sessions, and recreational activities.

Adult Family Homes

Our services support residents of adult family homes by providing reliable transportation for various needs, enhancing their quality of life and overall well-being.

Assisted Living Facilities

We partner with assisted living facilities to offer seamless transportation solutions for residents, ensuring they can maintain an active and engaged lifestyle.

Adult Daycare Centers

We provide transportation to and from adult daycare centres for adults who need supervision and care during the day.


We provide transportation to and from pharmacies to pick up prescription medications.

Insurance Companies:

Insurance companies entrust us to provide transportation services for their clients, ensuring that individuals recovering from accidents or surgeries can access medical care conveniently and comfortably.

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